We have been organizing the International Karst School “Classical Karst” (IKS) since 1993. The school offers a framework in which both, young and established karstologists from all over the world present new research in the field of karstology, socialize and get to know Classical karst. Every year, we choose a leading topic, the history and state of research of which are presented by invited lecturers, while the other participants present their research in the form of lectures or posters. The red thread of the school are the afternoon and full-day excursions, where the leading theme is presented in the field sites of the Classical Karst. The last full-day excursion is entirely dedicated to the general presentation of the most important areas of the Classic Karst.

This year we are celebrating the School’s 30th anniversary and it will be devoted to different approaches in karst research and the evolution of conceptual models of karst systems.

We have invited eminent and world-renowned scientists and researchers who, with their contribution to science, have charted the path to karstology as we know it today. Among the confirmed opening and keynote speakers are Derek Ford, Paul Williams, Wolfgang Dreybrodt, Ugo Sauro, Pavel Bosák, Stein-Erik Lauritzen, Arthur Palmer and Peggy Palmer, Aurel Persoiu, Joanna Doummar, Ira Sasowsky, Slavko Polak, Paul Griffiths, Gašper Hrastelj, Secretary General of the National Commission for UNESCO, Tadej Slabe, head of the Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU, and many others.

Welcome to join us!